2018 Style Predictions

This year will be about using what you have. Taking pieces you love and using them in new ways. So many of us are so blessed, this year is about cherishing those things and finding ways of giving back to our communities. As I look through ideas for up-and-coming style I am reminded of my grandmother and her elegance. She was the art director of City and Country Home magazine at a time when not that many women had careers. She was the epitome of style and went to New York for inspiration every year. She loved colour and art and texture and combining different materials in fabulous ways. If there was something she loved she used it, even if it wasn’t the “it” thing of the season. This year, find your inner style goddess and decorate your space with what you love and what makes you happy.
Big windows and lots of natural light
Retro furniture
Big beautiful works of art
Big bright windows that let light in, large joyous paintings and mixing furniture styles
Combining metallics
Spa bathrooms creating spaces to rejuvenate
Open and organzied spaces where you can see what you have
Soft and feminine spaces
Ecclectic gallery walls
Seeing with new eyes and repurposing to create beauty instead of throwing away
Baristas instead of bars. Save money, paper cups, and plastic lids with home coffee stations.
Basement saunas and wine cellars being turned into mini kitchens so upstairs open concept main kitchens can stay tidy during social events
House plants that clean the air of toxins
Combining beautiful dark wooden antiques with modern style
Choosing a bold colour you love and adding it to your home


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