Magnificent Mondays

positive13Things Winners Do to Succeed.
1. Don’t ever feel sorry for yourself – count your blessings.
2. Stay in control – don’t give your power up to excuses.
3. Embrace change – welcome challenges and learning experiences.
4. Stay happy – don’t complain or waste energy on negativity.
5. Be kind – do what’s right.
6. Take risks – say yes to life.
7. Put your energy in today – don’t fret about the past, you can’t change it.
8. Take responsibility – learn from your mistakes.
9. Celebrate other people’s success – lift others up.
10. Don’t be afraid to fail – you can’t learn without making mistakes.
11. Work hard – life doesn’t owe you.
12. Have staying power – never quit.
13. Keep learning – put good stuff in.
14. Stay positive – believe in yourself.
15. Make a map – think about where you are going every day.
16. Take action – take steps you need to reach your goals every day.