Visit #MuseumWeek on Twitter

August 26- 2008-portfolio-IMG-2_1140It’s #MuseumWeek around the world, March 23-29, and if you check it out on Twitter you will find the most amazing things, as museums celebrate their collections. Every day has a different hashtag, yesterday’s was #secretsMW and today’s is #souvenirsMW. Two amazing places taking part in Toronto are the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

When I was young, one of my favourite places to go was the ROM. I loved spending time in their Egyptian and Mammal collections. In high school I would take my sketch book and draw there for hours. Later, when I went on to the Ontario College of Art and Design, I fell in love with the AGO and I would spend hours after class wandering there. My favourite place was the Canadian Collection, and I especially loved Tom Thompson’s works.

800px-ago_at_duskNow that I have children of my own, we still love to go all the time. At the ROM my son’s favourite is the Bat Cave, my toddler loves digging for fossils in the Dinosaur gallery, and my daughter is fascinated by the Korean, Chinese and Japanese galleries. Next up for us there is Around 1914: Design in a New Age because I love the Secessionists. At the AGO, Pets & Me is on at the Kids’ Gallery but there is something for kids to look at in every exhibit, and they get a fun grab bag too. They even have this cool new app called Time Tremors Treasure Hunt that my son loves. We are going in April for Yarn Bombing. Whatever it is, I know the kids will love it!

Bottom line, we live in a fabulous city with beautiful and world-class Museums. When you visit, be prepared to be enlightened and inspired in a way that will change your life. Family memberships are only $130 at the AGO and $100 at the ROM (for limited time). Create memories and develop interests that will last a lifetime. Yet another reason to be proud of living in Toronto!