5 Tips to Make Your Christmas Tree Look Amazing

1. Get a big, real, glorious tree. You can’t beat that smell and Christmas is about memories and traditions and nothing conjures up the memory of happy Christmas pasts faster than the smell of a real tree. And if you live in Toronto, you are in luck! Next weekend December 2nd and 3rd from 10-4, (12-4 on Sundays) and going every weekend until the 23rd, the 93rd Scouts Troop will be selling trees at St. Leonard’s church at Yonge and Lawrence (on 25 Wanless Avenue) to raise money. It’s a great cause and you get a gorgeous real live tree! And you get Scouts to help you put it on your car. See you there!

2. Use different sized lights. Start with lots of small white twinkle lights, push them deep into the depth of the tree and wrap around each branch, then when you’re done, add a second layer of bug chunky outdoor bulbs. Turn the lights out to check and make sure you haven’t missed any spots.

3. Now that the lights are perfect, pick a colour scheme. White, silver, red, whatever. Choose a signature colour that you love that compliments your room’s decor. This doesn’t mean don’t add the adorable handmade purse sparkly handprint your daughter made in JK, just start off with a single colour and then add your special ornaments at the end.

4. The more ornaments the better. Put as many as you can on, then add more. You don’t have to break the bank. Get extra in your chosen colour from the dollar store, or go pinecone hunting with the kids and have fun dipping them in glue and glitter together. Make paper chains in your signature colour. Have fun.

5. Change it up. Use lots of different sizes and textures. Picture frames with black and white photos, plush animals, feathered birds, large and small balls, stars, snowflakes, flowers, wooden carvings, gingerbread men, felt shapes, you name it. We have years of special ornaments that all tell a story and they all go on. Go nuts and have fun!

If you have a photo of your completed tree send me a photo! I’d love to see it!