Protect Your Home While You’re Away

7fdd254fc6df35cd5667d0adb4b6720cMany families take vacations over the summer. Going to the cottage is practically a part of our national identity. Here’s how to keep your place safe while you are hanging you feet over the dock watching the kids back-flip off the floating dock or meeting Mickey Mouse at Disney World.

Don’t Share: Remember not to talk about upcoming holidays on social media. If you post pictures on facebook, make sure your privacy settings are on so they can only be seen by friends and family.
Tidy Up: Make sure the garden is neat as a pin before you go – mow the lawn, weed, and trim hedges. If you will be gone for more than two weeks, get someone in to fix things up.
Make it look lived in: Shutting drapes keeps people from being able to check out your place but they also make it look like you are not home. Set up automatic times for lighting. Outdoor lights are great too.
Mickey-bar-with-balloonsCheck it out: Ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on things like unexpected package deliveries and mail. Have them park in your driveway, go in to feed the fish, and check the basement for leaks.
Peace of mind: If you have an extended absence, call your home insurer to let them know how long you’ll be gone for.
There’s an app for that: You can link your home security system and cameras to your phone. The app Vivint will do this and even allow you to control lights and the thermostat.

Have a great time and enjoy the Mickey bars!

Images: dock ©, mickey bar ©