Tips for Moving with a Dog

I have a big, glorious, gorgeous collie. He’s loving, gentle, friendly, and great with kids. He’s also hairy, slobbery and a little bit stupid. But we love him. I do know however that some people are not crazy about dogs. Not having one around when selling your place can really impact price and number of days on market too. So when I sold my place, I sent him to my mum’s for a visit. He probably had more fun there than he does at our place! Here are tips for selling your place and moving with dogs to keep them as happy and stress free as possible.

I LOVE this crate idea! So much cuter than a regular wire one.

LOVE this crate idea! 

1. If you are selling your place, send him to a friend’s, a kennel or camp. It’s stressful for him when strangers are coming into his space.

2. To stage your place, vacuum every day and remove all traces of dog hair. Send your dog with his crate, food, toys and bowls. Take down all your photos photos of him too. Deep clean carpets. If stains can’t be removed, then replace the carpet. I know it’s a pain but it will make a big difference. Get your Realtor to do a smell check. Don’t ever just cover up odours with air freshener. Wet dog smell under Febreeze is not good.

3. Once the house is sold, remember that this will be a stressful time for him with packing, disruption and moving. Give him lots of cuddles as often as you can.

4. Go to the vet for his annual checkup and get his records so you can give them to the new vet once you find one.

5. Try not to leave them alone at all if you can, both before and after the move.

6. On moving day leave his things to the last to pack. Unlike a child, you can’t explain and reassure a dog. When you arrive at your new place, let him out to explore right away. Unpack his water and food bowls. Give him lots of walks and as much extra love and attention as you can spare to help him feel more at home faster.

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