10 Tips for Moving with Kids

Let’s face it. Moving can be tough on kids. Here are some ways to make the transition as stress-free as possible for everyone.

1. Have a Family Meeting Make it special with their favourite dinner and dessert. Tell your kids why you are moving and why you are excited. Stay enthusiastic. Tell them all the reasons your new move will be great and ask them to tell you their feelings. Moving can be stressful for kids, so really listen to their concerns.

2. The Search is On If your kids are older, involve them in finding the new place. Ask them what their hopes will be for the new place. Once you’ve found a place you love, show them photos and keep them up to date on your progress. Once you’ve got it, celebrate!

3. Yard Sale! When you are ready to put your own house up for sale, with the de-cluttering you are doing, now is a great time for a moving sale, on the front lawn or on craigslist. It’s hard for kids to part with toys, even if they haven’t played with them in years. Make it easier by letting them by telling them the amazing thing you are going to do with the earnings, whether it is a Playstation or flights to Disney World.

4. Kid Staging Kids always have lots of stuff. Ask for some extra time before showings and put away baby furniture in a cupboard. Pack and store half their toys to make room on bookshelves and in closets. It will make moving day less of a hassle later.

5. What to do During Showings When you have to get out of the house during showings, make it fun. Take kids to the park or the library. Go on a nature walk or to a play-date with friends. Hot chocolate and a gingerbread cookie at The Second Cup is always a special treat.

6. Do your research Find out all you can about the new neighbourhood. A good realtor should be able to help you with this. Find out everything you can about their new school, as well as the activities and sports your kids are involved in. Joining scouts, hockey, ballet and soccer will all help your kids make new friends quickly.

7. Decorator’s Challenge Make plans for the kids bedrooms. We suggest to clients to make their space the ones that get done first once you move. Let them choose their colours. If your child has always wanted a themed bedroom, this might be the perfect time. When the time comes, make sure their most important things get moved in the family car and not in the moving van so they can be found easily.

8. Tour the Neighbourhood Take the kids to visit the new neck of the woods. Take them to their new school so they can meet their teacher. Stop by the library and any new sports facilities or clubs they will be joining. If it is a new city, end with an evening out at a local restaurant and a play like Wicked which is playing right now at the Ed Mirvish Theatre in Toronto.

9. Party Time Your kids will miss their old friends so a going away party is a must. Invite their friends to a house-warming party as well. Take lots of pictures and put those photos in new frames in their bedrooms. Skype, facebook and email can all help them stay in touch, and friends can do playstation games online together on the weekend.

10. Out and About Once you’ve moved, fun outings in the neighbourhood will help them feel more at home. Get them to bring along a new friend from school. It may take a while to adjust but a new friend or two will make all the difference.