5 Quick Tips to Get Your Place Ready to Sell

Screen shot 2014-12-29 at 3.31.54 PMThe new year is when people start thinking of selling or buying a new home. If you are considering moving, here is a quick checklist on getting your place picture-perfect and ready to do well in the market.

First impressions: The front of your house is key. You can smarten it up if necessary, by painting the front door, adding flowers to the walkway, and urns of seasonal flowers at the door. Update old hardware by adding a new light, mailbox, numbers, lock or doorknob. Finish it off with a nice welcoming new mat or wreath.

Clean: No matter how gorgeous a home is, it needs to be really clean. If you are busy, get a service in to help. Everything needs to be spotless and smell great. If you have a pet and are not sure if you home has an odour, ask your real estate agent to tell you. In markets where homes are selling in a couple of weeks it may even be worth it to have pets stay with a friend or in a kennel to cut down on your pet’s stress levels.

Clear out clutter: Bottom line, de-cluttering sells. Beautiful organized storage spaces and cupboards are appealing. Garages need to be empty. They help prospective buyers imagine their life there. You are going to be packing and moving soon so why not get it organized in advance. You’d be amazed how much you can make on a site like craigslist for your items. Put things like mementos, tools,  off-season clothes, sporting equipment, and kids toys into off-site storage. A good real estate sales person can advise you on this element of staging.

Touch up paint: Nothing helps make a home look clean and new faster than a coat of paint. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to make a huge difference. Bright accent walls and a teens vibrant bedroom should be toned down with something neutral. It will help prospective buyers see themselves there.

Use a real estate salesperson: List with a agent you like and trust. You get more for your house when you have expert advice, when it is priced properly, and when you get the maximum number of buyers looking at your home. An agent can also help you see things you have overlooked, that replacing can help you make more money on the sale of your home.

Image: ©www.frontgate.com