13 Haunted Spots in Toronto

It’s almost Halloween, and as usual I have agreed to do way more than I can manage and will be up for the next few days after work sewing 5 ghost costumes. So to procrastinate I thought I would talk about 13 Haunted Spots in Toronto.

The University of Toronto has many reported sightings of ghosts, such as the Soldier's Tower, a World War memorial where a repair man wanders and lights are seen shining in windows at night.
The Royal Conservatory of Music is haunted by a Red Lady wandering the halls without a face. Brrrr.
The Royal Ontario Museum is said to be visited by it's director in his jimjams in the East Asiatic section, and a sad child watching the star show at the Planetarium.
Queen's Park, once home to an insane asylum, is reportedly haunted by many spirits, including a white lady wandering the halls, a soldier and a hanging lady.
At the Elgin and Winter Garden theatre Patrons report a vanishing lady accompanied by the smell of lavender, seats folding on their own, cold spots and eerie trombone music.
There have been many sightings at the Royal Alexandra Theatre including a spirit among the rafters above the stage, a ghostly patron in the seats, and a blue light floating above the balcony.
At the Keg Mansion a maid can been seen hanging in the main foyer, and ghostly children's voices have been heard upstairs. Ask to see their ghost stories at dinner.
Old City Hall may have the largest number of reported ghosts in Toronto. The last two men sentenced to hanging in Canada reportedly haunt the court they were sentenced in, moaning can be heard, and judges have felt their robes being pulled.
At Historic Fort York, red coated phantom soldiers reportedly patrol the grounds near the entrance and barracks.
With it's horrific history, reported hauntings at this location come as no surprise. A prisoner had been witnessed floating around the rotunda, and cold spots and feelings of despair chill visitors.
Hockey Hall of Fame visitors have reported flickering lights, with doors and windows opening and closing by themselves, moaning and screaming. Some employees refuse to go upstairs because of eerie feelings of being watched.
The TTC has a few reports, one of an eerie lady who haunts Lower Bay with black holes where her eyes should be. Another is the tunnel between York Mills and Sheppard where workers have heard wailing and battle, where Huron and Iroquois tribes once fought.
Mackenzie House is one of the most haunted houses in Canada, where Toronto's first mayor still wanders. The creepiest part is a rocking chair that rocks itself in the basement.