Happy Hanukkah!

Best wishes for a holiday full of light and love! Here are some decor, craft and recipe ideas for a wonderful eight nights!

A lovely Star of David wreath
Festival of lights!
Mantle decor from Oprah.com
Gorgeous Challah loaf, you can find an excellent easy to use recipe here: http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-challah-bread-181004?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=tracking&utm_campaign=article-share
Great sideboard idea at http://www.chaiandhome.com/5-other-places-to-decorate-for-chanukah/
Gorgeous table setting!
Such a pretty pie shell, ready for blind bake
Would look great on a windowsill
I just love this craft for kids - you can find the instructions here: https://ideas.hallmark.com/articles/hanukkah-ideas/hanukkah-crafts/
Love these napkins with dreidel keepsakes! MarthaStewart.com
So pretty! Also from http://www.chaiandhome.com/5-other-places-to-decorate-for-chanukah/
get ready: the one with the most gelt wins!
Door decorations - you can find out how to make them here: http://www.designmegillah.com/2015/11/chanukah-door-decor.html