Out and About in Toronto: Mabel’s Fables

By far, one of the very best independent bookstores in the city is Mabel’s Fables, tucked onto the corner of Hillsdale Avenue at 662 Mount Pleasant Road.

It’s a magical experience, right out of a fairy tale itself. The store is ruled over by Mabel the Cat, and you almost expect her to speak, the toys to move, and the books to fly about the room, re-shelving and suggesting themselves to the kids who will love them.

We’ve been going there since my daughter was a toddler. They have wonderful ‘music and stories’ programs for little ones, and when my kids enter the store, they still run to hug Loretta, who taught their classes.

The staff members are all wonderful, kind, and patient. They endeavour between themselves to read all the titles on their off time so they can make the best suggestions, no easy task as they have thousands and thousands of books. They will spend as much time with you as you need, helping select the perfect book for just the right child.

Arranged cleverly by age, and organized over two floors, if they don’t have the title you need, they are happy to order it for you.

Scientists say there are strong correlations between children having many books on hand to read at home and future success in life. In this digital age, Mabel’s is the perfect place to go, to turn kids into happy readers for life.