Happy Mother’s Day!

264859_10150207083077606_5920287_nMy beautiful mum passed away almost three years ago from cancer. We used to talk every day on the phone and there is still not a day goes by that I don’t miss her. The hardest part of all was knowing she never got to meet her youngest grandson who was born three months later. I know how hard she tried to hold on to meet him and the terrible toll it took on her. Having a husband who is a cancer researcher, and who’s own mum also died of cancer three months before mine, I know what an awful disease it is and I am so proud that he goes off to work every day to do battle with it.

I love these Mason Jars, and the turquoise ones in the picture, from loveoffamilyandhome.net, was my mum’s favourite colour. To do the craft, you take your Mason jar, paint the outside with black chalkboard paint. Then do a few coats of acrylic in the colour of your choice. Once they are dry, lightly sand across the words on the front so the black allows you to see the words. Coat with clear matte sealer and Volià! Instant, gorgeous, and inexpensive keepsakes. Just fill with flowers and present to your favourite mum. I’m going to get the supplies to do these with my kids this weekend.

A final thought. Call your mum, every day. Even if she drives you crazy sometimes. My gift to mine this year is a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society.